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About Jennifer

Hometown: Iowa City, IA. Go Hawkeyes!
Hobbies: Organizing everything, reading, watching Scott garden
Best concert ever attended: Neil Diamond. Obviously.
Best meal I’ve ever had: Sorry Scott—it was Canlis with Ilana.
Last book I read: “The Master of Disguise: My Secret Life in the CIA”
How I spent my quarantine: Zoom!!! Zoom trivia nights, Zoom workouts, organizing and cleaning, major relaxing.
Favorite movies: “How Green was my Valley” “The Grapes of Wrath” “Night of the Hunter” I’m old school.
Favorite travel moment: Easy. The top of Huayna Picchu. (Which was not easy to get to…)

About Toni

Hometown: TBD – seriously, it’s time to check ancestry for gypsy blood.
Why the Northwest?: It feels like home.
Hobbies: Golf. (A hobby that leaves no time for other hobbies – am I right golfers?!)
Her Next Big Home Project: Unpacking my suitcase.
Next Vacation: Somewhere warm to golf.
Most Stressed When: (which was ‘see Jennifer’s’).

About Ilana

Hometown: Bellevue, WA
Hobbies: Gardening, singing, crafting with my kids, and riding my super cute cruiser bike.
Favorite Movies: “The Lord of the Rings”, “The Fifth Element”, “Far and Away”, “Young Frankenstein”, “Now and Then”, “Star Trek-The Future Begins”, and pretty much any animated Disney movie.
Next vacation: Fingers crossed for Slovakia!
How I spent my quarantine: Hobby painting (thanks Pinterest), lots of family walks and bike rides, so much gardening, and surviving at home with two young kids.
Secret talent? I am a classically trained singer and can speak French. I am also Jennifer’s go to person for all fantasy related crossword puzzle questions.
Best concert I ever attended: 2004, They Might be Giants at Zootunes, first date with my husband!
Favorite family tradition: Sushi movie night!

About Scott

Hometown: Honolulu, then Kailua
Hobbies: Grandkids! Traveling, hardcore gardening, cooking
Current Netflix show: Ozark
Next vacation: Israel/Jordan/Egypt
Favorite travel moment: Visiting the shops and sampling food & drinks at Marrakesh’s large open market, Jamaa el-Fnaa at night.
How I spent my quarantine: Zooming with family and friends. Redoing our website, Zoom workouts, meditation and lots of gardening.
Last book I read: Gentleman in Moscow
Favorite movie currently: Parasite
Best meal I’ve ever had: The prix fixe at the #1 restaurant in Latin America, Pia Leon’s Kjolle in Lima.

About Audrey

Hometown: Everywhere–Military brat
Hobbies: Playing with my 2 girls, dancing and napping.
Best concert ever attended: Jack Johnson
Next vacation: Somewhere warm—I’m missing the warm weather on Maui
How I spent my quarantine: Working 🙂
Favorite movie: Just Friends
Favorite travel moment: The Pope holding and blessing my daughter

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