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Colette & Brandon

A Hull of an adventure indeed!  We have to break out all the superb adjectives to describe the well-planned and executed, brilliantly spectacular and dazzling, all-day elegant perfection which was Collette and Brandon’s wedding. Excited for the day, we exited the posh Alexis Hotel for Occidental Park, then the UW campus, Sacred Heart for the grand ceremony and finally down to the creative and sophisticatedly decorated Foundry for the reception. It was one of the hottest days of this year, but you can see our stylish couple stayed cool and poised right through to their sparkler exit. And you can bet our couple continued their dapper and chic trend throughout their European honeymoon!  Congratulations, Hulls!                                                                                              -captured by Scott, Jen & Audrey


Design, Coordination and flowers  Sinclair & Moore

Hair + Makeup                  Erin Skipley

Cake                                    Momofuku Milk Bar, Deru Market

Macarons + Desserts      Tallant house

Dress                                   Vera Wang from Marcella’s

Tux                                      Suit Supply

Tunes                                  Bamboo Beats

Videography                      The Ranch Studios

Transportation                 British Motor Coach

Valet parking                    Butler Transportation