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Senator Murray Event with President Obama

Senator Murray kicked off her re-election earlier this year and received a huge boost at Friday’s event from special guest, President Obama.

Our day began just after 9am at the Seattle Westin as we dropped off our equipment to the security team. Red Fish Blue Fish might be the only photography team in the state fully vetted by the Secret Service and FBI (so you know we’re completely safe to be around your weddings, mitzvahs, etc,) but with security tighter than we’ve ever seen, only one of us would be allowed close access to the President. Barricades surrounded the Hotel and buses were parked sideways across 5th Ave. The streets immediately surrounding, teamed with Seattle Police and was closed to traffic.

Our photography agenda would cover 4 events across separate areas in the hotel beginning at 4pm – a private reception for Senator Murray (about 20 people), another for the President called a “clutch” (about a dozen), the private photo reception line (50-60 groups) and the main event dinner (2,000+). Each part of the Hotel’s 3rd and 4th floor was heavily guarded but we were given badges allowing us access to all the areas.

Jennifer and I covered the first reception, then at 4:45, I pealed off for the clutch and photo line with the President. Jennifer went straight to the main event in the filled-to-capacity Grand Ballroom where County Exec Dow Constantine and Governor Inslee and others stirred the crowd. After the photo line, I joined her. We covered the rest of it in tight quarters near the podium – our usual position at these events. Among other things, we feel privileged to be in attendance, up front and close, being able to listen to what’s said. At the end, the lights came up and people rushed the rope line for a last chance with both politicians, after which we packed up and walked to our car at about 7pm. A long, fun, exhilarating day!  Looking forward to 2016’s political events! Now, on to post production…


Averie & Muchim got married!

Cape Verde is where it all began.

South Lake Washington (on a day it was SUPPOSED to pour rain) is where everyone gathered to celebrate!

And celebrate they did.

The whole day was a collaboration of love–all the friends and family who made an amazing buffet of food, who assembled a dance floor, who officiated the ceremony, who gave sweet toasts, who handed the groom his vows on a roll of paper towels, who shed tears for the people who couldn’t be there, who danced under the stars.  This was a precious group of people.




Colette & Brandon

A Hull of an adventure indeed!  We have to break out all the superb adjectives to describe the well-planned and executed, brilliantly spectacular and dazzling, all-day elegant perfection which was Collette and Brandon’s wedding. Excited for the day, we exited the posh Alexis Hotel for Occidental Park, then the UW campus, Sacred Heart for the grand ceremony and finally down to the creative and sophisticatedly decorated Foundry for the reception. It was one of the hottest days of this year, but you can see our stylish couple stayed cool and poised right through to their sparkler exit. And you can bet our couple continued their dapper and chic trend throughout their European honeymoon!  Congratulations, Hulls!                                                                                              -captured by Scott, Jen & Audrey


Design, Coordination and flowers  Sinclair & Moore

Hair + Makeup                  Erin Skipley

Cake                                    Momofuku Milk Bar, Deru Market

Macarons + Desserts      Tallant house

Dress                                   Vera Wang from Marcella’s

Tux                                      Suit Supply

Tunes                                  Bamboo Beats

Videography                      The Ranch Studios

Transportation                 British Motor Coach

Valet parking                    Butler Transportation

Andrea & Brian got married!!!

Destination wedding if you live in Vegas? Why, Napa and Sonoma Valleys, of course!  Guests from just about as far as you can travel in the US – New York, Hawaii, Texas, Washington – flew in for the requisite multiple top-rated restaurant meals, rooftop rehearsal dinner at the fabulous Andaz Hotel, and wine, beer, sparkling wine tastings (plural).  You know, to get a flavor of The Destination.  The vast hilltop Viansa Winery served as venue and stunningly beautiful backdrop to their Star Wars themed celebration (even Mr. Vader was in attendance!).  Congratulations, Andrea and Brian!  The Force is strong with you two…